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February 2015 
Dear Friends,
Happy February! Did you know that it costs $11.62 per guest per day for free food, shelter, clothing and medical care? Thank you for your faithful and compassionate partnership. We could not do what we do without you! Enjoy reading this month's newsletter. Due to your positive feedback, we have added a few more subjects of interest. To read the entire newsletter, please click on the link below.

February 2015 Newsletter

New Life Program graduate tells her story...
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Pulling the Weeds

~by Carly Holtzinger


A hairdresser by trade, twenty-year old Karen, a recent New Life Program graduate, arrived at the mission's doorstep last November of 2013, her head foggy and heart cold; the arrangement of her life was anything but fresh and colorful. Alcohol, marijuana and an emotionally exhausting relationship had become her close companions. Striving for love and adventure, Karen moved with her then-boyfriend to Texas earlier in the year and spent her days in a hotel room smoking weed, enduring anxiety-ridden stomach ailments and watching TV to pass the time. This was not the vision she had for her life . "I knew that If I didn't get out of there, my parents would get that phone call that their daughter was dead." The hard decision was made to move home.


Karen's mother and father received her with open arms and suggested she look into a recovery program in Yakima. Hesitant to take their advice, she wanted her life to change but didn't think it was possible. "In my mind I wasn't going to waste a year in Yakima with people that had more problems than I did," she reflects. Realizing the program's Biblical foundation, Karen felt out of place, for she "saw too many 'hypocrites' in the church" and vowed never to be one herself.


Though this young woman could not see them at the time, the weeds in her life had completely overtaken her heart, mind, span and soul. Like so many of us, Karen was lost. A beacon of light emanating from the fertile lands of little ol' Yakima called her toward a new future. "My heart was very broken with lots of anger, grief and pride," she remembers. It was hard to see past the overgrowth of 'thorns and thistles', but the warm environment of YUGM made her feel at ease....


To read more, click  February 2015 Newsletter

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