Paradise Bound to on 12:10AM, 12 March 2013

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   Dear Intercessors,

   Once again we stand poised on on our mountaintop.  As I type I can see Tonajuyu out my window.  Though we war not against flesh and blood, but rather against the rulers, powers, and the forces of darkness that hold Tonajuyu, deep within me I feel the battle before us this day.  Like two opposing armies, as the sun rises amazingly beautiful behind us, swords will soon clash in a Triumphant array!  Militarily speaking, we hold the advantage this day marked in Eternity as the rising sun is behind us!  Yet with the Risen Son behind us, we "cross" that valley today in HIS Amazing Love!

   PRAY with us today!  PRAY us and keep us deep in the Savior's will, desire, and longing to hold these precious ones in HIS arms for Eternity!  

   PRAY also for the team members...from a Christian school and thus knowing the right answer, but a some have yet to "know" our Savior and Lord.  Don't take us wrong, we do not judge, but we can discern and follow our Lord's heart deep into this battle for souls!  It is no different in our lives...we can claim whatever we want, but our faith is worked out in our daily living and lives.  "By your fruits you will be made known..."

   We Love you, and today as we "cross" that valley, we need you with us in PRAYER!  You cannot out-give God today...I dare you to try!  We will ALL be exceedingly blessed in HIM if you try!



Family #1


Rosendo Lopez 

Maria Rosa 

Miriam Elizabeth 

Luis Gustavo 

Yeni Esmeralda 

Yesi Paola 

Wilson Martin 

Lucas Jose



Family #2


Victor Anders 

Maria Cruz 

Valdomero Andres 

Maria Crecencia 

Jose Aquilino

Luis Arturo
Ana Maricela 

Carlos Enrique 

Cristian Erramos



Family #3


Maria Cirila 

Atz Maria 

Clemencia Blanca Izabel



Family #4


Lucio Ajbal 

Adela Boror 

Carmelina Ajbal 

Erick Daniel 

Noe Yabani 

Aura Ajbal




"PRAYER does not equip us for the greater work,
it IS the greater work!!!"



HIS servants,
dan & heidi smith 

"I ask...on behalf of those who WILL believe in ME!"
The Living Words of Christ Jesus to YOU and I in John 17:20!

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