Paradise Bound to on 12:10AM, 12 March 2013

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   Dear Intercessors,
   Today, refugees will be saved in Jesus name!  Will you be a part of HIS amazing grace thru PRAYER this morning?  Our Lord stands ready to "...throw open the gates of Heaven and pour down so rich a blessing upon you that you will not be able to contain it..." but first comes giving HIM your whole tithe, and HE is not talking just financial.  Malachi 3:10 is HIS promise to you today...come alongside us in Loving PRAYER today...this dedication day in San Ramon!

   Eternity will be altered this day in Jesus name!  Be a part of this with us and ALL of Heaven as they celebrate!  We will be on our knees in these new homes...will you join us, wherever you are?!?!

House #1 


Jose Sales       Dad 

Chrisanta         Mom

Carmelino        Son              13 Years 

Eluvia Sales     Daughter     11 Years 



House #2 


Padro Sales          Dad 

Maria Cardona      Mom

Marta Sales           Daughter     30 Years 



House #3 


Marcos Sales                 Dad

Natividad Hernandez     Mom

Ismael Sales                  Son            15 Years 

Yolanda Sales               Daughter    13 Years 

Hermencia  Sales          Daughter     11 Years 


House #4 


Pantalion Calmo         Dad

Marta Lopes               Mom 

Elmer Calmo              Son              22 Years 

Abelino Calmo            Son              20 Years 

Angel Calmo               Son              17 Years 

Mateo Calmo              Son              15 Years 

Patronila Calmo          Daughter      13 Years 

Alicia Calmo               Daughter       10 years 

Carla Calmo               Daughter        6 years 



"PRAYER does not equip us for the greater work,
it IS the greater work!!!"



HIS servants,
dan & heidi smith 

"I ask...on behalf of those who WILL believe in ME!"
The Living Words of Christ Jesus to YOU and I in John 17:20!

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