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How do we get the youth at Madison House to dream?

~by Tony Baker, Madison House Director
  "The question has come to me more than once, "How do we get the kids at Madison House to dream?" This is not an easy question to answer. They have multiple influences in their lives that are filled with trauma.

  Earlier this New Year 2015, Grace of Christ Presbyterian Church donated Red Robin 'free meal' gift certificates to Madison House. So, on two separate occasions I loaded up the van with kids ten years of age and under and took them to Red Robin. My wife and I love taking our children to Red Robin and find that just between the two of us trying to corral four children can quickly turn to chaos. Can you imagine how crazy it was when I took 12 kids on the first trip with just myself and another staff member? We had a lot of fun.

Both trips turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to find out what these kids dream about. One of the girls, aged seven, dreams of being a doctor. Her mother is long deceased. One of the boys shared that he wants to be a police officer; he has no father and a brother in a gang. Another girl dreams of being a veterinarian but carries deep scars and anxiety from her grandfather's suicide. Not one of them shared dreams of being a drug dealer, pimp, prostitute or gang member.

Getting the kids to dream is not the issue, I do not believe. Helping them hold on to that dream when life threatens to rip it way and fear takes over, is the the biggest battle.

When you give personal time and generous donations to Madison House to help keep our programs running and the building open, it creates a place of safety; a place where kids can escape from whatever is going on in their lives.

 With the help of loving hands and hearts, kids are finding that earning their dream is not too far out of reach."
Madison House is a branch of the Yakima Union Gospel Mission
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