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Brothers and Sisters,

You are receiving this communication because you have signed up in the past to receive one of our many informative newsletters around the work of hunger, poverty alleviation, food rights, climate change, peacemaking, human rights and more.

In the past year, we have reached out to many of you who have indicated that while you want to keep up with what is happening within the Presbyterian Mission Agency, you may be hearing too often from us. We want you to know we hear you. Moving forward, the ministries of Compassion, Peace and Justice will be providing only two monthly e-newsletters.

Presbyterian Justice and Peace Monthly, the newsletter you are receiving todaycaptures the great work the church is doing across a variety of programs and ministries. This informative piece will provide a monthly snapshot of the issues our ministry is involved with and give you an opportunity to learn more about our church and suggest ways that you can get involved.

Presbyterian Justice and Peace Close-up,
which will arrive in a few weeks, is our second monthly newsletter that will focus on one issue or program and describe more fully the many ways the church is bearing witness to Christ in a broken and hurting world.

We hope you find this new approach useful and informative as you serve your church and community. Please let us know what you think.

Faithfully in Christ,

Sara Pottschmidt Lisherness
Director, Compassion, Peace and Justice Ministry

Mass Incarceration and systems of exploitation to headline April meeting

Join other Presbyterians and the broader ecumenical community this spring for the annual CPJ/Ecumenical Days gathering in Washington D.C.
Gender equality and empowerment top agenda for Commission on the Status of Women
Thirty-four Presbyterians will join men and women from around the world to attend the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York this March.
Eco-Palms: a celebration of triumphal entry and environmental justice
The purchase of ecofriendly palm fronds for Holy Week observances is not only bringing meaning to Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem, but is having an environmental and economic impact on the communities that harvest them.
Wear your blue on the first Sunday in Lent
Presbyterians across the country will celebrate the first Sunday in Lent by proudly wearing their blue Presbyterian Disaster Assistance t-shirts to church.
A grassroots organization takes on poverty in Connecticut
A partnership between Self-Development of People and Mothers for Justice is making inroads for women living in poverty.
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You are receiving this email because you signed up for information and resources related to Compassion, Peace and Justice.

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