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   Dear Intercessors,
   Today, thru your PRAYERS and our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternity will be altered!  Ponder that for a moment...really for an entire minute "be still..." and truly ponder what that means and how YOU share in that with us today!

   PRAY with us today!  PRAY us and keep us deep in the Savior's will, desire, and longing to hold these precious ones in HIS arms for Eternity!  

   In this abandoned refugee village, may ALL of Heaven celebrate today as you go to your knees for someone else and the Holy Spirit fills your heart AND the heart of those receiving HIM as Savior today!



House #1 


Juan Sales               Dad

Lucia Hernandez      Mom

Ector Sales               Son           15 Years 

Rosalinda Sales       Daughter   12 Years



House #2 


Juan Hernandez       Dad

Candelaria Lopez     Mom



House #3 


Manuel Sales            Dad

Fabiana Gomez        Mom 

Mardoqueo Sales     Son            18 Years 

Roselia Sales           Daughter     6 Years 



House #4 


Crisanto Calmo        Dad

Juana Sales             Mom

Edwin Calmo            Son            12 Years 

Wetney Sales           Son             11 years

Ilsa Calmo               Daughter      9 Years



House #5 


Virgilio Ordonez       Dad

Oralia Sales            Mom 

Karina Ordonez       Daughter      6 Years 

Mileny Ordonez       Daughter      2 Years 

Jehison Ordonez     Son                1 Year






"PRAYER does not equip us for the greater work,
it IS the greater work!!!"



HIS servants,
dan & heidi smith 

"I ask...on behalf of those who WILL believe in ME!"
The Living Words of Christ Jesus to YOU and I in John 17:20!

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