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A weekly digest of stories for January 21 - 27, 2015

Tighter fiscal control for Presbyterian Youth Triennium
New measures are underway after an audit revealed a financial loss for the 2013 Presbyterian Youth Triennium despite record-breaking attendance.
Raleigh congregation partners for education in South Sudan
World Mission partnership brings primary school its first professionally trained teachers.
Voices from the border and beyond
Along the U.S.–Mexico border, a Presbyterian congregation becomes home to women and children fleeing violence and poverty
Lifelong servant of the church, Elizabeth-Ann ‘Betty’ Nicholson, dies at 81
Elizabeth “Betty” Nicholson died peacefully from cancer January 19.
Jimmy Carter, Russell Moore and Harry Jackson: Bridging the racial divide
As protests against police brutality and the killing of unarmed black men continue from coast to coast, religious leaders are spearheading church-based gatherings to find ways to bridge America’s racial divide.
Marcus Borg, leading liberal theologian and historical Jesus expert, dies at 72
Marcus J. Borg, a prominent liberal theologian and Bible scholar who for a generation helped popularize the intense debates about the historical Jesus and the veracity and meaning of the New Testament, died on Wednesday (Jan. 21).
Rehabilitation or incarceration?
The challenges and rewards of prison ministry
Company of New Pastors announces upcoming webinars
Feb. 24 and March 3 events are geared to pastors and congregational and mid council leaders.
Ralph Abernathy: Martin Luther King Jr.’s overlooked ‘civil rights twin’
In a scene in the movie “Selma,” the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. sits in a jail cell wondering where the civil rights movement is headed. His cellmate, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy Sr., responds with a lesson from the Gospel of Matthew about the futility of worrying.
Eight ministries awarded DREAM Grants
Missional ventures in synods of Alaska-Northwest, Puerto Rico, Rocky Mountains, Southwest
British churches to celebrate Magna Carta’s 800th birthday by reasserting its Christian heritage
Churches here are planning a major campaign to reassert Britain’s Christian heritage on the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta.
Border towns like Douglas and Agua Prieta reflect complicated immigration struggle
Follow this weeklong series designed to spotlight the immigration issue from the vantage point of the United States-Mexico border, and to amplify the ongoing response of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and its faith partners.
Black churches offer scholarships to students at Michael Brown’s alma mater
They filed into the gym Monday (Jan. 12) for an assembly about graduation and applying for colleges — an intentionally vague despanion that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a senior class.
Praying with few words
Evangelism conference participants seek connection, intimacy with God.
Christian writer Margaret Feinberg shares breast cancer struggles, lessons on joy
Vertigo. Anemia. Depression. Receding gums. Early menopause. A double mastectomy. These are just a few of the many terrors that Margaret Feinberg hid from the public after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis
Holy Week Pilgrimages At Ghost Ranch
Discover the many benefits found in the ancient art and practice of Christian pilgrimage during Holy Week, April 2 - April 5, 2015 at Ghost Ranch Education & Retreat Center in the painted desert of northern New Mexico.
Journeying in Hope (Viajando en Esperanza)
Walk with undocumented persons surviving along the United States-Mexico border in this video documentary produced by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)’s Office of the General Assembly.
Southside Presbyterian is a model for the Church’s immigration response
Congregation is part of ecumenical coalition providing sanctuary, support
Dismissing the crowds
Disciple-Making Conference encourages participants to practice silence.
The Stated Clerk speaks on immigration on U.S.-Mexico border
Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons shares his views on immigration and the church's response to it from the United States-Mexico border.
PC(USA) advocating for the safety and release of two pastors detained in Sudan
Church partners in Sudan and South Sudan have asked for prayers for two pastors, Rev. Yat Michael and Rev. Peter Yen, who have been detained without charge in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum.
Presbyterian Village North residents find joy in giving to neighbors in need
For residents of the Presbyterian Village North assisted-living facility in Dallas, the joy of helping others extends well beyond the holiday season.
Pope Francis on free speech: ‘You cannot insult the faith of others’
Pope Francis on Thursday (Jan. 15) condemned last week’s terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo but warned there were limits on freedom of expression.

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