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A weekly digest of stories for February 18–24, 2015

New Book Tells How a Public Defender Reconciled with Sister’s Killer
Twenty-five years ago, Jeanne Bishop’s sister and brother-in-law, and their unborn child, were murdered in a crime that rocked Winnetka, Illinois, an affluent suburb of Chicago.
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) joins interfaith coalition opposing trade injustice
Letter to Congress speaks out against fast-track trade policy
Utah highest, Vermont lowest on newest church attendance poll
More Utahns go to church every week — 51 percent — than any other state, according to a new Gallup poll.
People who are seeking peace
Multifaith group builds community in the unlikeliest of spaces
New training opportunity for prophetic capacity for prospective NWC leaders
Broad Street Ministry’s pastoral immersion program in Philadelphia to include 1001 residents
Eleven self-help community projects receive funding
SDOP disburses over $180,000 at home and in Belize
Washington National Cathedral finishes first stage of earthquake repairs
The Washington National Cathedral, which sustained heavy damage in a 2011 earthquake, has finished the $10 million first phase of its repair work and intends to embark upon a more daunting and expensive second phase.
Bryce Wiebe will lead churchwide Special Offerings for the Presbyterian Mission Agency
Experienced justice advocate and Christian educator to take the helm of the PC(USA)’s four offerings and the life-saving ministries they support
Our New Day Begun (#4 in a series)
Stories of young African-American leaders from across the PC(USA)
Focus on Africa’s Islamic extremists has diverted attention from South Sudan’s growing crisis
As world attention shifts to the growing influence of Muslim militant groups on the African continent, few have paid any attention to the ongoing bloody conflict in South Sudan.
Kayla Mueller remembered
PC(USA) mourns the death of friend and partner-in-ministry Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker held hostage by the Islamic State
Faiths unite to mourn the death of 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians
Presbyterian World Mission asks for prayers amid mourning and threat of retaliation.
‘An audacious thing’
Bivocational pastor called to promote racial justice and healing in Jasper, Texas.
Sister Dorothy Stang died fighting for Brazil’s landless; 10 years later, not much has changed
On Feb. 12, 2005, two hired gunmen killed Sister Dorothy Stang, 73, as she read aloud from the Bible in a remote settlement just off the Trans-Amazonian Highway.
WCC member church in South Sudan launches educational resource on reconciliation
The Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan’s diocese of Wau has developed a course titled “Reconcile - Moving Forward in Peace”, inviting people to be peace-builders this Lenten season.
A bicyclist dead, the Episcopal Church takes a hard look at alcohol
Hundreds of American bicyclists die in collisions with cars each year, but a fatal December crash in Baltimore has triggered some serious soul-searching within the Episcopal Church: The drunken driver, authorities say, was a bishop.
PC(USA) mourns and condemns the killing of Egyptian Coptic Christians
Our hearts are heavy as we join the world in mourning the Egyptian Christians beheaded in a video released Sunday by the Islamic State in Libya.

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