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"GO into ALL the world and preach the Gospel 
...and low I AM with you always!

A new 3 minute video sharing HIS heart with you 
for the village of Chuaquenum...
"one souls at a time"!
Chuaquenum Church Build

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   Continued construction at our Mission Base in Guatemala not only helps us follow Christ's precious words, HE proves HIMself in that we feel the I AM not only around us but within us!  HE is with us and as we construct, it allows us to further answer HIS call and provide a place for thousands to answer their calling!  Whether U.S. or Guatemalan, Team Member, Lay Pastor, Missionary, or Orphaned Child, our Lord Jesus Christ is not only with us and within us, HE sends us forth into ALL the world!

   Our first construction team of 2015 arrived Jan 18th, followed by our Open Doors team on the 21st, and our overlapping second construction team arriving last evening!  In all we have 35 Team Members at the base today!

Notice the PBM home in the background, opening the door for the Church Build at Chuaquenum!

   Chuaquenum Church Build excavation was started and is ready for footings!  At our Mission Base, a new structure above our shop has been started for current and future missionary housing, and a wood working shop!  Decks are being added to the mission base, expanding the tight quarters of current staff missionaries!  The base clinic and new pharmacy is being wrapped up, as well as a variety of misc projects that greatly aid us in HIS Great Commission!

The view from HIS
church at Chuaquenum!

Our shop, ready for the "next level"
in this raging battle for souls!

Our solar panels in the forefront
gather energy from the rising sun!

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"Go into ALL the world..."

   Tonight we will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru physical and spiritual healing with our Remote Mobile Medical Clinic/Outreach to the very special village of Panicuy!  4 Teams built 21 homes there last summer with a great gathering of souls unto our Lord, and the village is ripe for; Additional Harvest, Discipleship, National Missionary & Church Planting!  They also have an area, chosen, "...before the very foundations of the earth were formed..." to land our aircraft at, giving the "Urgency, due HIS great name" to our Lord's Gospel we share!

   PRAY with us as well for the team tonight as after our Mobile Medical Clinic/Outreach, we will also challenge them in their walk with Christ!  Realizing that it is NOT about giving anything up as we die to ourselves, but it is...

gaining EVERYTHING in Christ Jesus our Lord!

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HIS servants,
dan & heidi smith 
"I ask...on behalf of those who WILL believe in ME!"
The Living Words of Christ Jesus to YOU and I in John 17:20!

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