Paradise Bound to on 12:10AM, 12 March 2013

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"GO therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of 
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
And remember, I AM with you always!"
Matt 28:19,20

  Thank you so much for your PRAYERS over the last few teams!  Hundreds of souls have come to Salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ thru answering your PRAYERS and the teams pouring themselves out fully unto our Lord!  Many team members have also given their lives to our Lord, some for the first time, others in rededication to the ONE who cries out for them from HIS Father's right hand!
   Team Fremont will arrive late tonight, just before 11 pm Eastern time.  We will need you heartfelt and earnest PRAYER to clear customs AND still travel to the refugee village of San Ramon yet tonight, arriving around 2 am.  This precious team of 27 will build 4 homes in San Ramon over the next few days with dedication and Gospel presentation set for Friday!

    A name list will be sent Friday morning for specific PRAYER, by name, for each soul!!  

YOU can make a difference in Eternity!

   Saturday and Sunday will find the team in two different villages hosting our Remote Mobile Medical Clinic/Outreaches both in mountainous, difficult to reach areas!  Our Lord has moved tremendously thru the Clinic/Outreaches thus far in 2015!  Keep us in your PRAYERS this weekend as we give ALL we have unto our Lord! 

   Monday evening will be our final devotion together.  So much PRAYER is needed then as well...our calling is 100% to the Guatemalan people and 100% to the team members!  Statistics show that 75% of those from the U.S., attending church regularly, do not have a personal relationship with Christ!  Thus our calling unto them and unto you for PRAYER! 

A few moments of your time, 
in Jesus name, 
will affect Eternity...this week!

HIS servants,
all of us serving our Great Lord in Guatemala
No entries will be made until Friday
 due to no internet in San Ramon
"I ask...on behalf of those who WILL believe in ME!"
The Living Words of Christ Jesus to YOU and I in John 17:20!

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